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Arm instances have better cost-performance then Intel ones. But installing software on it is quite challeging. Of course, about deploying a .Net Core program on arm64 based OS, docker is a better choice. But sometimes, we need install .Net Core SDK globally on OS directly. Let’s do it today.


Install .Net Core 3.1 on Amazon Linux 2 AMI (HVM), SSD Volume Type 64-bit(Arm) instance.

Check .Net Core’s download url of arm64

From Download page: https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet/3.1.

We could find .Net Core arm64 one: https://download.visualstudio.microsoft.com/download/pr/8aca4221-54b6-421d-9be0-f25e4b799463/b70cca6f2acddc5361f97dc7f77a8ddf/dotnet-sdk-3.1.408-linux-arm64.tar.gz

Install .Net Core 3.1

sudo mkdir -p /usr/share/dotnet

cd /usr/share/dotnet

sudo wget https://download.visualstudio.microsoft.com/download/pr/8aca4221-54b6-421d-9be0-f25e4b799463/b70cca6f2acddc5361f97dc7f77a8ddf/dotnet-sdk-3.1.408-linux-arm64.tar.gz -O dotnet3.tar.gz

sudo tar -zxvf dotnet3.tar.gz

sudo rm -rf dotnet3.tar.gz

sudo ln -s /usr/share/dotnet/dotnet /usr/bin/dotnet

Install necessary packages

sudo yum install -y libicu60


And now we can check the dotnet’s version by following command. Have fun~

dotnet -v

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