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Learn javascript step by step

This is a list of learning Javascript step by step. If you think the modern Javascript like React is so cool, or just want to start Funcional Programming Javascript, but feels hard to dig deeper. By reading the following resources, you will solve your problem as I did. And you’ll absolutely be able to write more decent codes!

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You have any experience in Javascript, Java, C#, PHP, Python… If not, you’d better watch this Javascript tutorial first.


★ is the MUST read book or article IMHO.


Basic but very practical skills you MUST master.

  • Object Oriented Javascript(Udacity) – A free course from Udacity. Basic knowledge of Javascript, and if you know OOP alreay, it’ll be easy to follow.
  • Javascript Design Patterns(Udacity) - A free course from Udacity. Very very practical skills to avoid writing spaghetti code. I’d written Javascript for many years but still learned a lot from this free amazing course.

No matter you’re going to use React, Angular or stick to jQuery as before, it’s worth watching! Don’t be afraid of the Advanced label, you can follow it!


Thoughts are very important in programming. Following resources are very good for improving your way of coding.

  • Learning JavaScript Design Patterns - An online free book written by Addy Osmani. This book describes almost all the patterns in Javascript. The better you understand patterns, the better you truely understand programming. It’s a MUST read book for me.
  • GUI Architectures - Actually this is not about Javascript, but you’ll know better about MV* architecture after reading. You can skip it if feel hard to understand.
  • How Javascript works - Very interesting article to explain how V8 — a Javascript interpreter works. You’ll get 5 tips to optimize your code too!
  • The super tiny compiler - Perhaps you feel little difficult to understand “How Javascript works”, but with this tiny js compiler will absolutly help you to get what compile really means. And the flow is easy to follow! Great!
  • You Don’t Know JS - Do I have to tell you how great these books are? No! Just look at the 90,000 stars. Yes, these are MUST read books! And personally, I like Kyle Simpson’s books very much. He’s one of the best Javscript teachers absolutely.



  • Webpack 4 Tutorial - Webpack is a MUST have tool in modern frontend developing. This is the easiest article to follow after having read amount of articles. Thank you Valentino Gagliardi!

There are some other tutorials like Webpack+React+Redux in his website as well. All of them are easy enough for beginners. Don’t miss them.


FP(Functional Programming) is not necessary if you don’t want it. But if you’d like your future projects have less bugs, be easier to maintain and test, be more extensible, FP is the right choice. Actually, your projects maybe have already included both OOP and FP sources. Besides, after understanding FP, you’ll get better understanding of React, Redux as well. Kill two birds with one stone? Yes!


  • Functional-Light JavaScript - The best book to enter the FP world IMHO. As the author is Kyle Simpson, I have no doubt to mark it as the MUST read one. The contents are very easy to understand. You’ll fall in love with FP after reading this book.

And the examples in the book can easily re-run in Ramda’s TryRamda page. Do not miss it!

  • Composing Software - Series on learning functional programming in Javascript. I suggest you reading this one after reading “Functional-Light JavaScript” or just skipping the Monad part, as the Monad part is really difficult for me to digest.
  • Mostly Adequate Guide - A book which is easy to follow… besides the Monad part… Sorry for that…


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